KeepTabs is the CRM for your network.

Never lose track of anyone, ever again.

Keep track of the people most important to you.

It's exhausting to keep track of everyone in your network, let alone keep in contact with them. KeepTabs has notes and reminders, which allow you to pick up every conversation exactly where the last one ended.

Make your network feel appreciated.

Be the hero your network needs. Never forget a birthday, anniversary, or to follow up with your college roommate a month after his childhood dog dies.

Designed with people in mind.

With KeepTabs you can toss all your spreadsheets, post-its, and hastily written notes. KeepTabs has been designed from the ground up to be as user friendly as possible.

If you're in the "relationship" business, you need KeepTabs.

Get started today for free! No credit card required.

KeepTabs is perfect for:

  • The investor who said to call him when you had revenue.
  • The prospect who was not quite ready to purchase your services.
  • The uncle you keep forgetting to call.
  • The industry journalist who you want to pitch next quarter.
  • Your grade school friend who moved across the country.
  • That guy you met at that conference who was making that app.

We meet tens of thousands of people in our lifetime.

But what does that really mean?

• How many connections do you have on Linkedin that you haven't spoken to in years? 
• What about your college friends or old colleagues? 
• Or even your own family? (When was the last time you checked in with cousin Judy?)

It's exhausting enough just to keep track of everyone, let alone keep in contact with them.

Introducing, KeepTabs.

With KeepTabs, you can toss all your spreadsheets, post-its, and hastily written notes on scraps of paper. You’ll be able to:

• See information and important reminders on your network at a glance. 
• Find out who you need to reach out to, and see who you’re waiting to hear back from. 
• Easily update your information and your contact’s information.
• Do both of these things without confusing interfaces or business-oriented features that 
you need. (After all, you want to say hi to Judy, not sell her on your enterprise solution for increasing ROI...)

No credit card required!

Go from Red to Green

KeepTabs's contact list is dynamic. As you contact people, they turn green and fall to the bottom of the list. As time passes, they transition to red and rise to the top of the list. 


Global Reminders

Stop switching between software, phonebooks, and notepads. See all of your important birthdays and reminders at a quick glance.


Keep people together.

Met cool people at a conference last year? Have a weekly basketball game? Keep them organized with easy to manage groups.


KeepTabs keeps you connected

Cloud Based

No software to install. Access your contacts from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Last Contacted

Don't leave anyone out. See when you last contacted someone.

Awaiting Reply

Does someone need a follow up? Quickly see who has yet to reply back to you.

Easy to Use

Designed to be as intuitive as possible.


A quick glance is all you need to see all of your upcoming reminders for all of your contacts.


See what  your contacts are up to by adding links to their Facebook, Reddit, HackerNews, etc.



Want to try KeepTabs? The free version lets you add up to 5 contacts, with no credit card required!


Nice shades! The Professional plan lets you add unlimited contacts.

$12 / month


Take control of your network! Get started with KeepTabs by adding up to 20 contacts.



Nice shades! This plan lets you add up to a total of 50 contacts.



You are The One. The unsung hero of friend groups. The only one in your family who calls your continent-hopping cousin. Add unlimited contacts.





Take the guesswork out of your network.

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KeepTabs is designed to be as user friendly as possible. We extend this "use friendly first" thought process to our pricing scheme. There are just 2 simple options, free and Professional.


Want to try out KeepTabs?
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